Sunday, August 8, 2010


Josie...before volleyball camp!

Josie had a great time at volleyball camp!

Enjoying an Omaha Royals baseball game...oh, and some sno-cones too!

This is Josie and her BFF, Teagan...matching outfits and all!

Jett was being silly at Papio Bay!

I love that Sydney and my dad like to take their naps this way!

Just before we tie-dyed some t-shirts!

The goofy crew!

This pose will definitely be showing up next to his senior pic at his graduation party!

Off to Itasca State Park!

The whole crew in our tie-dye t-shirts!

On the pontoon...

...with Captain Jett at the helm!

He needed a break, so he jumped in the water!

Josie's toes!

Guess which one of us is tired?