Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update from the Stephens' House!

Since I don't have the kids this weekend at all, I thought I write for a change! Jett is celebrating his birthday a bit early with Dad, Lexi, Josie and more, so the kids are with their Dad all day on Sunday.  Since I usually get the kids Sunday mornings on Dad's weekend, it has been quiet around the house.  I did keep busy by going up to Aunt Barb's house in Mitchell where I was treated to a wonderful 'marathoners' special massage!  It was wonderful!
I was able to help her load her ipod that she had gotten from her son, Lane, so now she doesn't have to carry around her bulky walkman at the gym!  I left her with instructions as to how to download more songs, so I'm hoping she is 'good to go' with the ipod!
This coming weekend, my sister-in-law, Kim, is coming down to visit us!  We are very excited and plan to take in a UNO Mavericks hockey game, teach Kim how to play '31', and of course, play with Bella! 
In only 16 days, we will be heading down to sunny Arizona to vacation with Mom, Dad, and Jeff.  Mom and Dad are already down there, and we can't wait to see all of them!  I hope to catch up with at least one old high school friend while I'm down there.
Whereever you are, while you are reading this, my hope for you is that you do the following:
  1. Laugh at least once today (not just a chuckle, a good belly laugh...think of Jett, it won't be hard to get laughing)
  2. Do something out of the norm for you. (ie. step out of your comfort zone, even if it is for a couple seconds)
  3. Tell someone you love them and do something to prove it (hugs are always good)
You are all special to us and in your own way, have made an impact on the three of us!
We love you all,
Jill, Josie, and Jett