Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Celebration in SD!

Chloe and Willa

Lynn, Ray, and Stephany

Me and Steph

Bob and Steph


Aunt Barb and me

The hosts, Liz and Bob

Ron on his first tubing adventure!

I am pretty sure Ron and I were winning against Nathan and Bob...maybe :)

Chloe, Nathan, and me

Jacob and Chloe

Jill and Ron...pros at ladderball!

Dad and Mom...lookin' good!

Ron was patiently waiting for his turn at ladderball.

Barb, Bob, and Lynn (3 of the 4 Hanson kids)

We went to Mount Hope Cemetary to see both sets of Grandparents. Here is my grandfather that I never got the chance to meet. If he was anything like my father, I'm sure he was a good guy!

My Grandma Jeannette...lovely lady with the day old breakfast rolls from the airport! I loved them!

My Grandfather Chuck...master woodworker!

My Grandma Suwanee...the best at making animal none!